“Canadian Values” pt.2

So again, what exactly are “Canadian Values”?  What are people like Kellie Leitch (who are not racist…wink, wink) saying when they refer to “Canadian Values”?

“Canadian Values” pt. 1

It’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly are “Canadian Values”.  Where did these values come from?  Were they inherited from the British, the French, or are they uniquely Canadian?  What is it that people mean when they refer to such values?  And when did these values begin?  Was it at Confederation in 1897?  Or did they evolve over time?  Figuring out when and where these said values came from is difficult, especially when, since writing this series, I have yet to demonstrate what exactly these values consist of.

When I write in “Canadian values” in google.ca I see the first thing that comes up is this website: www.durhamimmigration.ca   On the site, it lists Canadian values as:

Equality, Respect for Cultural Differences, Freedom, Peace, and Law and Order.

The second website that comes up is this one: http://canadianvalues.ca/ICV/

Ooh, this website’s interesting, this Institute for Canadian Values.

It shows this:


Apparently, according to this website, Christians are being discriminated against in corporations , Ok.  This website also has petitions to Stop Funding Islam – lamenting funding for the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.

So much for respecting Cultural Differences eh?  I guess the people behind this website believe that “Canadian Values” entails conservative Christian values.

Hmm…I am not a Christian, nor was I raised Christian.  I identify as a Canadian?  In these people’s views are my values not “Canadian values” then?

The remaining lists on the first page of googling “Canadian values” all show news articles and debates on Kellie Leitch.  So that was what I found on my first search, two websites, one celebrating multiculturalism and diversity, the other one lamenting it.  So how do we go forward in defining Canadian values?


Where to go from here?

Personally, growing up, I was generally raised with the former definition, the one Durham Immigration states, the idea of respect for differences, the idea of multiculturalism, diversity, and above all else ‘tolerance’.  I was raised to believe that the strongest of and most Canadian of Canadian Values was Tolerance.

Part 3 of this series will focus on why it turns out this is wrong.  Tune in soon!

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